Surveillance and Security systems that protect your family
and discourage intruders.
Interior Lighting Systems that match your life style, habits
and frequent movements throughout the home.
Exterior Lighting that adds to the safety and beauty of your
InnoMation can bring you all this and more. Skilled engineers
and technicians who know home automation subsystems,
InnoMation makes home systems work the way you want them
to. You choose the components, tell
InnoMation your ideas, and
let us design, install and integrate a system that combines your
component with our systems and turn your house into your
dream home and increase your property value at the same time!
Or if you would like, we can choose all or part of your system
and still make your house a dream home with all the benefits
and conveniences available.
InnoMation is a licensed, full-service home automation contractor
that is vendor-independent and can help you add new
components or integrate the ones you already have with the
systems we install. Because we provide quality work and are
project-schedule savvy,
InnoMation can work with your Architect
or General Contractor.
Home Automation, Home Theatre and
Electronic Systems that work for you
where, when and how you want them to
… our solutions make your ideas a reality!

Turn your house into your dream home!
Structured Wiring that allows you to organize and use
Distributed Audio, Video, Telephone, Intercom or Computer
Network from any room. Home Theatre and Surround
Sound are just a portion of what we can do.
Innovators In Home Theatre and Home Automation Systems